15 December 2006

Where Will You Place Your Faith?

Will you trust big government to nurture and coddle you with policy and procedure that (maybe)works 9 to 5, or will you stand up for yourself and take care of business?

The crashing back door snapped Eric Cegon and his girlfriend awake in her apartment. Fear grew as they heard feet rapidly climbing the stairs to their
barricaded bedroom door about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. The girlfriend, Samantha Simons, covered up her 2-year-old son and screamed as her ex-boyfriend kicked in the door, knocking over the small dresser lodged against it. "I knew if that door came open what I would do," Cegon said Thursday.

(Richter's) deadly break-in was the second time he had violated a court order not to contact his former girlfriend, Simons, or her new boyfriend, Cegon. Richter was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday on a terroristic threats charge for repeatedly threatening to kill Cegon since Nov. 4, when he broke Cegon's vehicle's windows, court records said.

County Attorney Thomas Kelly said that a week before Richter died, he threatened Simons with a kitchen knife and said he would kill Cegon. Richter was charged with assault in that case. He added that Richter told Simons that he "refused to let her go, and said if he couldn't have her, nobody would."
Recall this story and the countless other the next time someone running for political office winces at the very idea of the 2nd Amendment and tells you that police and the court system are all you'll ever need to be safe in this world.

Here's more details of the system in action:

(Cegon & Simons) expected (Richter) Tuesday night because he had a court date Wednesday on the terroristic threats made while he banged on the doors and windows of Cegon's parents' home in Rockford, where the couple were staying on Nov. 4. Richter had posted $10,000 bail on the threats charge and apparently violated a condition of his release by threatening Simons with a knife Dec 6. A warrant had been issued for his arrest after that incident, Kelly said. A judge could have sent Richter to jail for that release violation.
But that judge didn't, and here we are today.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness above all else.

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