27 December 2006


I don't know whether I should feel this or rather pity for Senator Kerry, who looked like a kid on his first day at a new school. I'm not sure what kind of a reception he expected to receive here given his "botched joke" before the election, but I'm debating whether to give him points for having the chutzpah to come to Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have tried his usual

Naah, that probably would have worked either, it was obvious EVERYBODY knew who the a$$hat was. All that HEINZ money and you can't buy a friend.

flamer said...

You guys are so gullible.
Read real news once in a while instead od getting it from FOX.


OctaneBoy said...

So Snopes is citing and taking the word of a Kerry staffer as one who'll put the photo in proper perspective?

Either way, the grist of the post is what Ben of Mesopotamia wrote about Kerry and his . . . Kerryness. The picture seemed to fit the spirit of what is at work regardless of context.