15 December 2006

Only Boldness Offers Hope

John Hinderocker defines the landing zone for President Bush.
Commandeer a half hour in prime time to tell the American people, and the world, that we have clear evidence of Iran's involvement in killing American servicemen. Show the captured munitions. Explain exactly how they have contributed to American casualties. Display aerial photos of the training camps. No doubt there is much more evidence that can be presented or described.

You should say that Iran's supplying of weapons in order to kill Americans is an act of war. In the dramatic finale of your speech, announce that thirty minutes earlier, American airplanes stationed in the Middle East took off, their destination, one of the munitions plants or training camps of which you have shown pictures. That training camp, you say, no longer exists. You say that if Iran does not immediately cease all support for, and fomenting of, violence in Iraq, we will continue to strike military targets inside Iran.
You know the old adage about Noah's Ark being built by a single visionary and the Titanic being built by committee . . . well which of those two does the do-nothing, 79-points-of-compromise Iraq Study Group Report most resemble?

Get 'er done, el presidente.

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