13 December 2006

Daily Poetry

Farmer Jones works in the field
With a tractor and a plow
And before his morning meal
He goes out and milks a cow

Farmer Jones has a hound
And it follows him around
Chases rabbits, squirrels and quail
And the man who brings the mail

Farmer Jones has a truck
And he drives it through the mire and the muck
And he pulls his neighbors out when they get stuck
Farmer Jones and his truck

Farmer Jones, Farmer Jones
He harvests all the corn that he's grown
And into town goes Farmer Jones
And buys his children ice cream cones

Farmer Jones has a brother
They help out one another
'Cause that's the way that they've always been shown,
The Brothers Jones

Farmer Jones has a wife
They'll live together all their life
And retire into a life of ease
Bouncing grandchildren on their knees

Farmer Jones, Farmer Jones
He works in all the fields that he owns
He'll give them to his children when they're grown
Farmer Jones, Farmer Jones

Farmer Jones, that Farmer Jones

"Farmer Jones," written by Scott Young of Red Meat

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