16 December 2006

Through-Phone Violence Still Unavailable in US

Keep in mind the term 'public utility' as you read this:

I'm calling about an account we cancelled three months ago - we keep getting a bill"

"Just a sec, lemme call up the record. Yes, it says here you called last month to have the gas turned off and the account canceled because you are no-longer are located at that building."

"Well we got another bill."

"Yes - that's because the account is still active."

I was confused, ". . . but we cancelled it."

"Yes but it was reactivated the next day. Hmmm, lemme see ...." sounds of typing "It says: no one was there to let the crew in to turn off the gas. The account had to stay active."

"I'm sorry, but we no longer occupy that building. We can't let you in. And I know we told you that last time we cancelled it."

"Yes, well you should have scheduled to have it turned off."

"You could have told us about that last month - we were told the account was closed. No-one ever called to let us know there was a problem with the turn-off."

(WAIT FOR IT . . . WAIT FOR IT . . .)

"Oh, that's not something we're supposed to do."

Read it all. It ends badly.

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