11 December 2006

Joe Wilson - Call Your Office

There's that old adage about how many times a motorist breaks the speed limit before/until they actually get a speeding ticket. I thought about this and the stories about Iraq trying to acquire yellow cake from Nigeria and how those tales (real or not) were used as part of the reasoning to go remove Saddam Hussein.

Well call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, or just the one time the speeder got caught, but either way; this cannot be good news.
Iran is secretly searching for uranium in war-torn Somalia, according to a confidential United Nations report obtained by Pajamas Media. The report notes that two Iranians were “engaged on matters linked to the exploration of Uranium in exchange for arms” in Dusamareb, Somalia. The arms would be given to the Islamic Courts Union (the ICU), a Taliban-like movement that controls much of Somalia.

The UN report spends little time on this surprising development, perhaps because the report’s mandate is limited to monitoring violations of Somalia’s arms embargo.
There's that myopic, manipulative and impotent U. N. again.

Dusamareb is known to be rich in uranium. Abdiweli Ali, an assistant professor of economics at Niagara University and a supporter of Somalia’s transitional federal government (TFG), is originally from Dusamareb, where he received his primary school education. He reports that in the Galgadud region, where Dusamareb is located, uranium exploration has occurred since the 1940s. This exploration was put on hiatus after the fall of president Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 put the country under the rule of rival warlords.

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