22 December 2006

We Stand on Guard for Thee

Unless the line's too long, then we'll forget all about that 'on guard' crap.

Passenger luggage was not properly screened — and sometimes not screened at all — during a labour dispute last October at Toronto's Pearson International airport, CBC News has learned.

In the four days following Thanksgiving, airport screeners working for the private security company GARDA were on a work-to-rule campaign, hand-searching all carry-on luggage and creating long lines of passengers. Hand searches of some luggage were abandoned during the October labour dispute. The screeners say their managers took over to clear the lines, allowing about 250,000 passengers to rush through with minimal or no screening.

In a letter to Transport Canada, several workers quoted their managers asking: "Why are you searching bags?"

Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon is aware of the situation but is refusing to comment.


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