16 December 2006

What a Wonderful Town

Minneapolis; you can often smell it from here in Saint Paul.

Part 1
Minneapolis' South Side is about a week away from experiencing the Police Department's newest crime-fighting technology. The 80 sensors will cover about 4 square miles across the city that are responsible for 50 percent of the more than 5,000 "shots fired" calls police get each year, Reinhardt has said. The new system cost more than $325,000 and is used in at least a dozen other cities.
Five thousand calls for shots fired. What a magnificent place Minneapolis must be.

Part 2

Federal officials say their high-profile roundup of workers at Swift meat packing plants in Worthington and elsewhere this week was an attempt to crack down on the use of stolen information by some workers. At the same time, vendors of bogus documents appear to still be selling documents at one well-known location in Minneapolis.

(Tim Counts, spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement) said this time the focus is on a those who use the false documents. But he says ICE also routinely patrols the Minneapolis K Mart parking lot and other places, to shut down those who make and sell bogus IDs as well.
There are actualy elected folk in Minneapolis who want to give illegal immigrants Minnesota drivers licenses; just keep greasing those skids on the path to more free taxpayer-funded benefits.

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