28 December 2006

Another Triumph for Socialized Medicine

Feeling ill? Something amiss on the insides? Please come the the most glorious peoples socialist government medical clinic facility for free cures for all that ails you.

What? You can't fix me? But I'm El Presidente . . .
A renowned Spanish surgeon has been rushed to Cuba to treat ailing leader Fidel Castro, a Spanish newspaper reported on Sunday. Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, an intestinal specialist, traveled to the Caribbean island on Thursday aboard an aircraft chartered by the Cuban government, according to Spain's left-leaning El Periodico de Catalunya newspaper.
What's wrong with all the thousands of qualified Cuban doctors? Oh - ain't got none? Well, at least the peoples most glorious national health care system has all the facilities an ailing despot needs, right?

The plane carried medical equipment not available in Cuba in case the leader needs further surgery due to his progressively failing health, the newspaper reported.

Cuban embassy officials were not immediately available for comment.

What a shocker . . .

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