20 December 2006

The Glasses Just Get Rosier

Here's a very telling barometer of where we are in this world: Crooked politician, convicted of bribery, sentenced to prison but is he bummed out? Oh, no - he's looking forward to a very enriching and meaningful chapter in his life.
The former Green Party council member has admitted taking the money, but still maintains that it wasn't in return for any action by him as a council member. (U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery) said she'll recommend he serve his time at the federal facility in Yankton, S.D.The day before his sentencing, Zimmerman told the Star Tribune that he was ready for jail."It will be nice to get it over with and know what's happening," he said. "I'm looking forward to a new, interesting chapter of my life. I get to meet a lot of people I would otherwise not meet."
What kind of sad bitter little life must you lead to look forward to the lockup? Bye bye, Dean, please don't bother any of us ever again.

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