10 March 2007

Why Is This Idiot Smiling?

Becasue he's about to get all our money.
Despite earlier pledges of fiscal restraint, DFLers in the Legislature are proposing increases in the income tax, gasoline tax, sales tax, liquor tax and license tab fees, along with new levies on lead paint, gravel, deeds and cosmetic surgery. It's unlikely that all of them will get passed. If that happens, the total would approach $3 billion for 2008-09.
Three billion in new taxes. Shit, Larry, why shooting so low? Come on; soak the people like you've got a set.

"You cannot have new investments without new revenue," said Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis.
No wonder he got eleceted - he's a rocket scientist. Of course he and the rest of the socialists never campaigned on this heist, but when can you expect any truthiness from Minnesota Democrats.

Tax proponents argue that a boost in state revenues would produce better schools, fewer traffic jams, lower property taxes and better health care.
Of course; lots of societies have taxed themselves into prosperity. For instance . . .
"We knew this would happen," said House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, R-Marshall. "Hold onto your purses and wallets."
"It's hard to raise taxes," (Rep. Tom Huntley, DFL-Duluth) said Friday. "We know what needs to be done. We can't do most of what needs to be done on health care without a tax increase. But it takes a lot of political courage."
Democrats are often flummoxed by situations that require courage, but with a majoiry in both houses, there's little worry on their part.

Politicians are absolutely impotent without the ability to spend taxpayer money. Really; name ANYTHING a politician has accomplished that didn't cost you and me money. No proper Minnesota lefty is going to stand pat on the size of government, because big, fat government is the legacy of these unimaginative pinheads. What a bunch of frauds.

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