05 March 2007

Lunging Toward Utopian Wonderfulness

Ah, Minnesota during the legislative session: Complete socialist hamony is really only 3 or 4 DFL sponsored bills away.
HF1213 - would make you walk farther from a bus stop to find a prostitute. Penalties that used to apply to parks and school zones would be expanded to one block from any public transit stop as well as child care centers.

HF1275 - puts $1.4 million into the St. Paul public transportation system to take children to ballparks and rec centers after school to get regular exercise, as well as to libraries. Rep. John Lesch wants to be sure we take advantage of the hooker-free bus stops. And in case you didn't know St. Paul had parks and rec centers, Rep. Carolos Mariani has a bill to spend a quarter-mil advertising them, HF 1277.

HF1385 - Because Minnesota's flag isn't good enough. We need A TASK FORCE (when a committee just won't do, it's a task force for you!) From Tina Liebling of
Rochester and (who else!) Phyllis Kahn.

HF1547 - How dare you not contribute your tax refund to the state election fund!? Asst. Majority Leader Steve Simon is so concerned about this he wants to add another $750,000 from the general fund.
It's times like this that I'm reminded of the words of Captain Willard (describing the Vietnam War) from Apocolypse Now: The shit piled up so fast you needed wings to stay above it.

Minnesota Democrats - Who says you can't legislate manitory bliss and happiness?

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