28 March 2007

Build Your Own Field

No matter where you go, you can always find one delusional soul on the city council:
Liverpool's new owners . . . have been asked by city council leaders to look again at sharing their new stadium with Everton. Liverpool have always ruled out sharing with Everton but council leader Warren Bradley wants them to reconsider. He told the Liverpool Echo: "If they can consider an increase in size, why can't they consider a shared stadium?"
Apples and oranges, Warren.

Liverpool have yet to confirm the decision to suspend preparatory work on the
£215m project in Stanley Park, but have revealed a review will be undertaken. And Bradley, an (Everton) season-ticket holder, feels Hicks and Gillette could be persuaded to allow Everton to share the new ground.
How gross is that - A team wants to use their own money to build a new stadium and the Man From the Government wants them to include his favorite team in a grounds sharing deal. Authority mixed with ego and no sense of shame are a very dangerous civic combination.

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