01 March 2007

Chickens Roosting at Home

After years and years and years of Big Labor buying Democrat politicians, the Democrats are finally doing Big Labor's bidding.
After losing innumerable certification elections and seeing its steady decline in numbers, Big Labor is turning to the U.S. Congress to secure crucial changes that will rig the game in its favor and allow it to force workers into unions.

Under existing law, before a union is recognized, an employer has the right to request a federally supervised secret ballot election. This allows both the union and the employer to make their case and lets workers decide on a union without fear of reprisal.

(H.R. 800) would allow unions to organize via so-called “card check” campaigns, in which union representatives can collect signatures to form a union without any privacy protections. A recent McLaughlin poll found that 89 percent of the public prefer the current process to the card-check procedure, and a recent Zogby poll found that 78 percent of union members prefer the current process to one with less privacy protection.

Why are Democrats discarding principle and pushing for such an undemocratic, unpopular measure? Because Big Labor, one of their key constituencies, is desperate.
Labor unions make up 10 of the top 15 contributors to all political candidates. All 10 lean strongly (70%-89%) to Democrat candidates. The fact that now Big Labor is getting its way in spite of public sentiment should not surprise anyone.

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