27 March 2007

It's My Party and You'll Pay if I Say So

Funding the war has never been so "good" for the folks back home.
Like their counterparts in the House, the Senate has larded its version of an “emergency” war spending bill with nearly $20 billion in pork-barrel outlays, including $100 million for the two major political parties’ 2008 presidential

The new bill also includes $13 million for “ewe replacement and retention,” $24 million for sugar beets growers and $95 million for dairy producers. And it includes $3.5 million for the Capitol’s guided–tour program and $20 million for, in part, insect infestation control in Nevada, thanks to Majority Leader Harry Reid. Among the other beneficiaries of the Senate “emergency” war bill is the tree assistance program, including, specifically, Christmas trees.
Like Christmas trees, congress comes in one color; green. Unfortunately, there's so much dust on W's veto pen that I'm not sure he'll be able to find it.

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