07 March 2007

Open Solicitation for Professional Waste Handling Services

You know my mantra; A civilized society has an absolute right to purge its incorrigible elements.
The complaint describing the Feb. 24 incident alleges that Jirell Tremon Thomas chased a crying child down the hall and into the party room, where the suspect burst into the room shouting racial slurs. He returned to his apartment, then came back (1) to the party room with a pan of hot cooking oil, allegedly burning three people. One of the victims, a 20-year-old man, sustained serious burns on his arms and face, according to the complaint. His skin was peeling when police arrived.

Thomas went back to his apartment but returned to the party room (2), this time with a large glass object. The complaint alleges he threw the object at the group, hitting a 19-year-old woman attending the party. She received a cut to her head but did not require hospitalization.

Thomas left but returned (3) with two steak knives and allegedly threatened to kill the party-goers, the complaint indicates. Thomas was booked and jailed Feb. 26 but was released on $20,000 bond the next day.
Thank God he's back on the street, 'cuz, you know, he ain't no threat to nobody; know what I'm sayin'?

As a good, passive, caring, nurturing, progressive, liberal Minnesotan, I'm trying to not judge so harsh this situation. I'm not comfortable with the fact that poor little Jirrel is faces formal legal proceedings. He's no criminal; he's just a guy who made some bad decisions.

And the Grand Canyon 'tis but a ditch.

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