30 March 2007

"Shut Up," Explained the Celebrity

"I am famous, I think I'm an authority, and I KNOW I'm right, so don't you dare oppose me."

Sir Nicholas Stern, Joel Connelly and Laurie David; all roundly fisked in one easy-to-read essay.
For sure, Laurie and Joel and Sir Nick! When not banning US vehicles entirely, China apparently limits its intake of American road metal to fuel-sipping Caddy econopods: During a ceremony at Beijing’s Imperial Ancestors’ Temple, a symbol of ancient China, General Motors officially launched Cadillac, its premium luxury brand for modern China. Three new Cadillac models that will be sold in China - the CTS, SRX and XLR - were unveiled at the ceremony. All three products embody Cadillac’s distinctive bold design, purposeful innovation and balanced performance ... All three models will start as imports from GM’s North American Operations. They will be built at the company’s Grand River manufacturing facility in Lansing, Michigan, and at its facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Anyone who's been to a city in China will tell you that on a clear day the sky is brown, but don't let that stop you from trying to make it look like things are worse here in the ol' US, you all knowing, all wise celebrity authoritarians.

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