01 March 2007

Liars, Cheats, Scams, Weasels, Hoods & Finks

Nice crop of despicable idiots you elected:
While Democrats try to restrict how President Bush can spend the $100 billion he wants for Iraq, they also hope to load his measure up with $10 billion in add-ons -- from aid for Great Plains farmers to help for children lacking health insurance and better levees in New Orleans.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio: "Our focus must be on supporting our troops in harm's way -- without strings attached -- not on using a military spending bill as an excuse to fund pork-barrel projects and other unrelated projects."
Bush and GOP leaders on Capitol Hill managed to keep prior war funding bills largely free of such pork when Republicans controlled Congress. Now that Democrats are in charge, the party's leaders are eager to use the cost of the war as leverage to force Bush to accept spending that the GOP has killed in the past.
Just another gem from the Democrat-controlled congress that'll be long forgotten before the next election cycle.

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