17 March 2007

The Politics of Mass Murder

Muslim whackjobs are pouring over sub-Saharan Africa, slaughtering those who aren't 'Muslim enough.' You'd think that'd be an outrage to everyone save for the aforementioned psychopaths. Unfortunately, you can politicize anything.

China and Russia joined with Arab and Muslim states yesterday in urging the U.N.'s human rights watchdog to ignore a report from a mission to Darfur that blamed Sudan for continuing war crimes against civilians there. The two permanent its mandate.

African states that failure to act would undermine the credibility of the newly formed Human Rights Council, Muslim and Arab states and their allies backed Sudan's assertion that the report had no legal basis.

Observers estimate 200,000 people have been killed and more than 2 million driven from their homes since fighting broke out between rebels and government-backed Arab militias four years ago in Darfur. The Sudanese government denies responsibility for abuses and blames rebel groups that have refused to sign a peace deal.

I'm shocked; shocked I tell you, to discover that when the United Nations starts throwing around worthless resolutions that there is wiggle room on opposing religion-based genocide. Someday, Russia and China will become walk upright politically, just not yet.

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