11 March 2007

Australians Controlling the Weather

You can have a harmonious climate as long as you pray to the right god:
A leading Muslim cleric has blamed the drought, climate change and pollution on Australians' lack of faith in Allah. Radical sheik Mohammed Omran told followers at his Brunswick mosque that out-of-control secular scientific values had caused environmental disaster. "The fear of Allah is not there. So we have now a polluted earth, a polluted water, a wasteland," he told a meeting this year.
Yea, sounds reasonable to me . . .

Sheik Abdul Raheem Green forbade Muslims from having fewer than four children so Australia would become an Islamic state. "In Canada one in three or one in four children being born is a Muslim. What does that do to the demographic shift of a Muslim population in 20 years' time? To say I'm going to have two or three children and that's it -- that's not allowed. The way we overcome the people is through our numbers."
Hey, it works for cockroaches. That's what I like about Islam - the stability.

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