30 March 2007

Keystone Kops with Kamels

Austin Bay has a better view of what's going on with the flakes who run Iran (and the numbs at CNN) and what Iran's doing with their new toy - 15 British soliders.
Iran also faces new UN sanctions. It’s relationship with Russia is shaky. The Iranians’ coordinate faux pas adds a strange Keystone Kop element. The Times reports:
The Iranians also blundered in diplomatic talks by giving the British their own compass reference for the place where they said the 14 men and one woman had been seized. When Britain plotted these on a map and pointed out that the spot was in Iraq’s maritime area, the Iranians came up with a new set of coordinates, putting the seizure in their own waters.

This may prove to be a microcosm of Iran’s own situation. The Iranians had the tactical military operation planned but failed to coordinate the political cover story. That’s a media and diplomatic embarassment — hence a blow to Iran’s prestige.


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