08 March 2007

Three Long Years

Boo (bleeping) hoo; you're still making $5.3 million and you're lucky you can still skate you despicable neanderthal. Even though Bertuzzi's now in Detroit, I wonder if he still has to carry Markus Naslund's purse? Meanwhile, not all of the terrible damage he's created has been resolved:

Unsuccessful in his attempts to goad Moore into a fight, the six-foot-three, 242-pound Bertuzzi skated up behind his smaller adversary, grabbed a handful of jersey and used his free hand to knock Moore unconscious before piling atop the fallen player. When the ensuing melee finally ceased, Moore was being carted off on a stretcher . . .


"When you are picking an Olympic team, you are picking people that represent your country and what your country is all about for the world to see," Moore said. "My impression would be somebody like Sidney Crosby, that would be somebody who Canada would say, 'This is what we are all about.'"

Thankfully, now in Detroit, this idiot will only soil our pond twice a year.

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