13 March 2008

Your Nanny State Preview

This is pretty close to a Reynoldsism: "They told me if Bush were reelected there would be no-authority busybodies wandering our cities and regulating parental judgement, and they were right!"
When she arrived, she parked in a loading zone. Her 2-year-old daughter Phoebe was asleep, so Coyne locked the car and activated the alarm, then took her two older daughters and another child to the Salvation Army donation kettle about 10 yards away.

A community service officer intercepted Coyne on her way back to the car. Crestwood police then arrested her.
Clinton and Obama are falling all over themselves in order to take care of your every need. And it will be mandatory. Wow, sign me up.

Not entirely unrelated:
Mark Brannon . . . told the deputy he was sick and in need of medical help. But instead of getting medical assistance, Brannon -- who does take pain medication -- was arrested for DUI. Randy Brannon says his father "blew a zero on the breathalyzer, but they wouldn't release him until 2:00 a.m."

Although there is a medical unit in Central booking, Brannon's family says Mark didn't receive medical attention until he was released. He then went straight to a doctor. "He could hardly walk. He was gasping for air," Randy explains.

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