18 March 2008

'Boo Hoo' Cired the Babies

Just another reminder that the adult-child dependency brokers/enablers are at the helm in Saint Paul:

DFL legislative leaders say they're troubled that Gov. Pawlenty hasn't been meeting with lawmakers to discuss legislative issues. (L)egislative leaders in both the House and Senate have ramped up their criticism of Gov. Pawlenty's travel. For weeks, they have made subtle and not so subtle comments regarding Pawlenty's out-of-state trips.

Oooo. Sounds like a serious charge. Is this travel typical of a modern state governor? Well we don't know, MPR didn't offer any comparisons in the story to establish context.

(DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson) Kelliher said she's worried that Pawlenty has not been meeting with her or other DFL legislative leaders. She said the last time she met with the governor was on Feb. 13, one day after the legislative session started. DFL House Majority Leader Tony Sertich said he hopes to see the governor come to the table as budget negotiations intensify. "I think it's shocking. It would be shocking to Minnesotans to know that their governor and their elected legislative leaders have not been in the same room since the start of the legislative session," Sertich said. "I've seen him more on the Sunday morning TV talk shows ... than I've been in the room with him."

Well, that does it; we can't have bedwetters like Tony Sertich walking around 'shocked.' Sounds like Governor Pawlenty is irresponsibly and completely AWOL. I wonder how many times, during their ram-it-through-quickly session, they've actually invited the governor into their sweat lodge of True Believers?

House Speaker Margaret Kelliher acknowledged she hasn't invited the governor to any meetings. She said she'd be happy to hold one in her office if the governor would attend.

Well, well; leave it to MPR to bury the lead in the last paragraph. What's this? Somehting from the other side?

"An average listener listening to this MPR story would get the impression that the governor has been gone and missed a lot of work. That's just not the case," said (Gov. Pawlenty's spokesman Brian) McClung. "He has been out of the state. A vast majority of that time was on weekends, and the eight weekdays that he's been out were for official business."

Oh, now, keep it down McClung, we can't have any dissent. Things like the facts concerning a non-story like this are never really appropriate.

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