31 March 2008

No More Pizza Hut For Me.

A pizza deliveryman told Des Moines police that he shot a man who robbed him at gunpoint when he delivered a pie late Thursday to a south-side address. The alleged assailant, Kenneth Jimmerson, 19, was taken to Mercy Medical Center in serious condition. He was charged this morning with first-degree robbery and will be taken to Polk County Jail when released from the hospital, police said. Melanie Stout, 18, the woman who placed the order for the pizzas, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.
This is music to my ears, but bad news for the bedwetters that want to ensure law-abiding folk are unarmed everywhere and are therefore guaranteed prey for criminals.
Restaurant officials have suspended the Pizza Hut driver, James William Spiers, while the case is under investigation. Polk County officials today confirmed that Spiers holds a valid gun permit, which was renewed in November.
And there's the punched-in-the-gut line. Well, Pizza Hut will get no more of my business, unless (maybe) they rehire this guy with a raise and apology. I'd like to see the part of the delivery man's employment contract that states he gives up his rights as a citizen just becuase he's on their dime.

UPDATE: An Iowa politician with some spine!:
"I think what he did was the right thing," Zaun told fellow senators today. "If was in a situation to protect my family, protect myself, to continue being a father, I would’ve done the same thing."Zaun said it was appropriate for Pizza Hut to suspend Spiers while authorities sort out the case, but "I’m going to be watching Pizza Hut.""What I want everybody to know ... is that there is people out there supporting this man and his right to defend himself," Zaun said.


JAB said...

I don't know what suspended means...with or w/o pay? I didn't read anywhere else if he was effectively fired or is it more of a "administrative leave" thing like the cops. I can see a reasonable corporation having some sort of policy about police-involved incidents. I hope someone follows up to see what happens after the investigation. If it truly went down this way and he isn't rehired and allowed to continue then I agree with the boycott.

JAB said...


Seems like Pizza Hut is screwing up big time on this one...