18 March 2008

Always Shout the Talking Points

That's probably what it says the little red books Howard Dean sends to all the faithfull.

In this instance, Peter's giant skull is so full of the hip, lefty jargon; he's just GOT to let it out!Even when he incorrectly uses the terms in a mall-centered teenager sorta way:
“Tyler Duvall is a little pointy-headed neocon with grand ideas about the future of transportation, and they all involve tolling,” DeFazio said. “He’s bright, young, energetic — just totally wrong, and has a bizarre, neocon view of transportation.”

And what, pray tell is the “neocon view on transportation”? Perhaps it’s Jews who want America to battle for private roads in Iraq to somehow benefit Israel? Tough to tell. We’re just waiting for the neocon influence to rear its ugly, traitorous head at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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