20 March 2008

When Unification is No Longer Stylish

There comes a point when persuit of every individual feel-good folly consumes 50.1% of an agenda. That's when the reason everyone came together in the first place dissolves:
There are no details on the budget, yet there is an agreement on taxcuts (a demand from the liberals) and on an increase of the social benefits (a demand from the social-democrats), in addition to a commitment not to create a budget deficit. Perhaps they do believe in manna from heaven after all.

Nothing is said about the Flemish demands to regionalise the social security system, employment policies and other responsibilities they wanted to transfer from the national to the regional levels. Nothing is said about how they will solve the problem with Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, without which future elections will be unconstitutional.
Once these screwheads start dinking around with the last true Belgians, NATO should invade.

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