07 March 2008

Nancy Needs to Choose

What the hell is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? From a playing-the-game perspective, her only real strategy seems to be to take the side opposite the nearest non-liberal. Before she throws in with the side opposite the presumptive Republican nominee, in this case, she might want to consider what side she's therefore advocating:
Nancy Pelosi . . . said Boeing had been on course to supply the US Air Force with tankers until Mr McCain "intervened." "My understanding is that it was on course for Boeing before. I mean, the thought was that it would be a domestic supplier for it," Ms Pelosi told reporters. "Senator McCain intervened, and now we have a situation where the contract may be - this work may be outsourced."
Oooo . . . I guess McCain is really un-American, huh Nancy?

The air force originally chose Boeing to supply it with 100 tankers. But Congress cancelled the deal after it emerged that Darleen Druyun, a former top air force acquisitions official, had held illegal job discussions with Boeing while still negotiating the deal. Ms Druyun admitted boosting the value of the deal to help Boeing. Mr McCain has pointed to his aggressive investigation into the Boeing deal as evidence that he is willing to stand up to powerful corporate interests. The tanker scandal claimed the career of former Boeing chief executive Phil Condit. Ms Druyun and Mike Sears, Boeing's former chief financial officer, were sent to jail.
Hmmm. Seems McCain is trying to make sure the deal is square, and not spun unfairly by now-imprisoned Boeing clowns. I think Pelosi should come right out and say (in order to spite McCain) that she's in favor of corruption in the process of issuing military contracts.

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