30 March 2008

Liveblogging the Merseyside Derby

11:54 - Final whistle; Liverpool 1-0 Everton. The two halves were very different. Everton had more chances in the second half but not so much because they improved but because Liverpool really lost their steam. A win is a win, but it should have been 3-0. At least it'll be something to stick in Mirengoff's craw for another summer.

11:53 - Last sub for Liverpool; Peter Crouch for Steven Gerrard.

11:49 - Silly yellow taken by Torres. He's frustrated and he's coming off for Jermaine Pennant. Gerrard get a very good shot. Three mintutes of added time.

11:48 - Some life from the Reds. Benayoun works the ball forward that eventually leads to a curling shot from Kuyt that comes as close as the Reds have come in the second half.

11:42 - Liverpool still hold psession advantage but play has slowed. Liverpool sub Yossi Benayoun for Ryan Babel.

11:31 - Osman is moving up and putting on more forward pressure. Everton's second sub; Leighton Bianes on for Phil Neville. Another (fourth) Everton yellow, this one undeserved for Jagielka.

11:26 - Liverpool are looking jittery and bunched up. They've lsot some of their first-half potency.

11:22 - Everton's first substitution; Manuel Fernandes in for Steven Pienaar.

11:19 - Arteta's free kick comes in close to the goal. First real threat from a set piece.

11:13 - Better from Everton. They're winning more challenges for the ball. So far not as wide open as the first half. Still only Yakubu up front for Everton.

11:05 - And we are back. I had missed the late (third) yellow card for Everton; Pienaar on Babel at the end of the first half.

10:48 - Halftime; Liverpool 1-0 Everton.

10:46 - Liverpool move the ball from the corner to the front, but Kuyt's shot is weak. More of these chances need to be converted.

10:40 - Yakubu fouls Sami Hyypia. He's mad for not getting any support up front and couldn't make anything from drawing a cheap foul minutes earlier from Hyypia. Pepe Reina plays up the field that results in a Gerrard shot that hit the post.

10:33 - Torres is fouled by Jagielka resulting in anther good free kick that could have been converted.

10:30 - John Arne Riise delivers into the box but Ryan Babel can't get to it. That should have been a goal.

10:27 - Nice corner from Steven Gerrard, curling in; Kuyt could've gotten closer without Neville tugging his kit.

10:25 - Everton better now in the Reds end, but Liverpool keep making the long ball work.

10:20 - Phil Neville show a yellow card. What a shocker. Everton's midfiled tactics are not unlike those of a Philadelphia carjacker.

10:18 Dirk Kuyt with a drive on net after Torres gives Everton a spin. Good possesion by Livepool so far.

10:13 Mikel Arteta fouls Xabi Alonso. Everton still not off the back foot yet.

10:10 - Lee Carsley demonstrates the grace of a tanker truck on ice and earns the day's first yellow card. Everton players are notorious for getting sent off in this derby.

10:09 - GOAL! Fenando Torres at 7 minutes. Excellent finish. Liverpool 1-0 Everton.

10:05 - Good, brisk movement from the Reds.

10:00 - We're underway from Anfield!

Liverpool's lineup: Reina in net , Carragher, Hyypia, Skrtel & Riise defending, Lucas, Gerrard, Alonso and Babel in the middle and Torres and Kuyt up front.

Everton offer: Tim Howard in net, with Hibbert, Yobo, Jagielka and Lescott defending, Arteta, Neville, Carsley, Pienaar and Osman in the middle and Yakubu attacking.

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