23 March 2008

Sanctimony via Bumper Sticker

I saw one of these on a first-generation Prius the other day.

I might not have noticed the car at all, except the driver was too busy with his phone call to care that he was straddling two lanes. In addition to the cheery rainbowness, there was that catch-all equals symbol, one humping an overpriced, local, boutique college and a one of those leftover Kerry/Edwards tags.

Armed with this obersvational evidence, I began to wonder about the parameters of the diversity the I was supposed to be celebrating, presuming the sticker-bearer was the model of diversity celebration themselves.

I mean, when was the last time the driver had red meat or drank beer out of a can? How much country music is on their iPod and what's the last movie they saw that featured a car explosion? Who the last conservative candidate that won their vote? What was the last sporting event they saw that didn't involve children? When's the last time they spent 10 minutes with someone not just like them?

How diverse are they really?

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