21 March 2008

You Don't Need a Gun

It's ridiculous for anyone to consider keeping a firearm for self-defense. I mean, that's why we have the police, right?
WEST COVINA, Calif. (AP) - A woman was asking a 911 dispatcher for help when her pleas were interrupted by gunshots, then silence. She was shot to death.

The woman told the dispatcher someone was trying to break into her home in upscale West Covina, Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Dan Rosenberg said. "Deputies heard gunshots followed by silence and an open phone line," he said.

The woman . . . had been shot several times. Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene. "At this point we believe it was a burglary gone awry," Rosenberg said.
As if burglaries ever occur in a manner that satisfies all parties.

Anti-Second Amendment kooks take a warm, fuzzy feeling with them to bed every night. That feeling tells them that individuals have no right to protect themselves from predators and should be resigned to shrug their shoulders and stand aside for felonies committed in their own homes.

To these kooks, that warm, fuzzy feeling is more valuable than the life of another person.

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