28 March 2008


That's how many people have seen this. Why haven't more seen it? It is hard to watch. It's also easier to deny.

Fitna - It's not propaganda when it's their words and their actions. More on Geert Wilders and his film here.

A Dutch judge is expected to rule Friday on a petition filed by the Netherlands Islamic Federation that wants a ruling saying the film violates Dutch hate speech laws. The group is also seeking fines for every day the film is aired. But according to Houtzager, the film appears to fall within the boundaries of the law. "Obviously it brings forth negative aspects of the religion of Islam, but it doesn't specifically focus on the group of Muslims in the Netherlands."

There's also the problem of banning information in the age of the Internet. "Even if the court agreed on a ban of the film from the website originally broadcasting it, it would be difficult to ban it from mirror sites copying it," says Houtzager. The film is
currently making the rounds on YouTube as well as other video-sharing sites. And because the original site was based in Britain, Houtzager says it's out of Dutch jurisdiction.
UPDATE - LiveLeak cracked under threats real or imagined, but YouTube is still in business:

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