27 April 2006

Presidential Election Tampering Punishable by Law

Yea, W got elected last time around all right . . . but thankfully those that tampered with the election are getting their comeuppance:
Four Kerry-Edwards campaign workers - including the sons of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) and former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt - had their charges in the Election Day 2004 tire-slashing reduced to misdemeanors and accepted the deal.

The fifth Democratic staffer accused of crippling Republican vans won a jury acquittal by sticking with a fight against the felony charge. All five defendants had been charged with damaging 40 tires on 25 rented vans parked outside Republican Party offices on W. Capitol Drive, hours before they were to be deployed for electioneering.
When will these people understand that voting is for everyone?


flamer said...

The election was rigged Republican in like 49 outta 50 states, and you focus on four dipshits that happen to be democrats slashing some republican rubber?!?
I mean, string 'em up, sure, but really...


flamer said...

Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock
Secretary of State Ken Blackwell made an embarrassing announcement Monday: He accidentally bought stock in Diebold Inc., a voting machine maker that benefited from decisions made by his office.

Confusion, delayed results mark first punch-card free election
Tardy poll workers, scattered technical problems and a puzzling order from the secretary of state to delay reporting results marked Ohio's first punch-card free election.

Cleveland Polling Place Delays Statewide Election Results
With all the problems reported at the polls Tuesday, NewsChannel5 has learned that the absentee results will be delayed.
About 17,000 absentee votes will have to be hand counted because of a problem with optical scanners.
There were also reports of problems with the new electronic machines. Both machines are made by Diebold, NewsChannel5's Duane Pohlman reported.