17 April 2006

Meet the New Hamas, Same as the Old Hamas

TEL AVIV, Israel - A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside a fast-food restaurant in a bustling area of Tel Aviv during the Passover holiday Monday, killing nine other people and wounding dozens in the deadliest Palestinian attack in more than a year.

The new Palestinian government, led by Hamas, called the attack a legitimate response to Israeli "aggression." Israel said it held Hamas ultimately responsible — even though a different militant group, Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility — and would respond "as necessary."
More from Hinderocker:

A 21-year-old Palestinian named Sami Salim Mohammed Hammed blew himself up outside a Tel Aviv restaurant today, killing at least nine. The attack was carried out by Islamic Jihad and endorsed by Hamas, the current ruling party in the Palestinian Authority.
Another banner day for the savages.

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