27 April 2006

Outa Here

Parts of 5 days in Las Vegas is plenty.

McCarran is a fairly reasonable airport overall I think. The free wi-fi here certianly puts Las Vegas airport officials above the screwheads at MSP, who use wireless as another method to pry $10 from travelers.

Shared a taxi ride with a guy who seemed convinced I had my own plane waiting for me. Don't know where he got that idea. Talking to him was a bit like one of those Bob Newhart one-sided phone call comedy routines. When we got to the terminal, I threw in my share of the fare, but he only had $100's. He told the driver he'd get change from the skycap. There were about 10 people in line for that. Wonder how much the driver's blood pressure went up while he waited.

Call it a breakdown of will, but I ate at a Chili's here at the airport. Maybe it was the smell of room service breakfast in the hall when I left The Mirage, or I just wanted to sit at a table, but I went against my better judgment (and personal credo to avoid lame-o chains and franchises whenever possible) and ordered up. I'm not sure what was more disheartening; the plastic fork and knife, the barely-elementary school-grade food, or the sign on the wall that proclaimed "Chili's - Like No Place Else." Yea, except for the thousand other Chili's that litter the nation. My resolve is strengthened; back to anti-Chili's ode for this American.

Hey - boarding is about to begin . . see ya on The Tundra.

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