26 April 2006

Plodding Through Day 4

Wednesday at NAB: Outa the chute, through the now-customary stop for cappucino and banana, shared a cab with an LA dude and a London dude, got a private demo of new Avid tricks, worked over the remnants of North and Central Halls of the LVCC, and, for a paltry $10, I tried out a CTS-V and a Solstice (I'll take the former, please):

And speaking of transit - since early Sunday morning, I've travelled by rental car, city bus, monorail, taxi, charter airline, mountain bike and (a lot) on foot. And I've got the reciepts for my expense report to prove it.

Tomorrow, back to the Tundra.

UPDATE: Dinner at Lupo in Mandalay Bay; minestrone, gnocci and Chianti, some coversation with a nice fella from Charlotte, and bit of limoncello for dessert. Some Vegas-style novelty; the taxi to dinner was a Hemi, and the taxi back was a hybrid.

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