06 April 2006

More Precious Than Thou

Coke; it's just a can of pop. Unless you are a member of the hyper-involved.
Unfortunately, facts often don't carry much weight with student activists. Those of us around in the 1960s know why. Facts can spoil the romance and allure of protest. That's because, too often, campaigns like "Stop Killer Coke" aren't so much about improving lives as about striking self-righteous poses, parading in front of cameras and playing the rebel.

In fact, the rebel pose frequently masks a herd mentality. The Coke boycott has made headway at schools such as Carleton and the University of Michigan. How can self-respecting activists at Macalester be left off the progressive bandwagon?
Thanks to a few children at Macalester there apparently will be no choices offered the rest of the students and faculty; for the "progressives" know better and will be the only arbitrars of correctness.

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