09 April 2006

Mental Floss

I really prefer media that is serious. I don't mean somber or boring, and I do need my share of entertainment, but I seek out information worth my time and capable of teaching me something.

So much media out there is pure folly and you know what it looks like - The listing of which celebrity has a birthday today, or sending that reporter to the soup kitchen every single Thanksgiving. This is not serious news and it's a waste of time. However, I just had to take a few days to push away the serious mental vegetables and reach for the Ding Dongs - No news since Friday afternoon.

I got the Zuke outa the barn Saturday and rode it home under sunny skies and 48 degrees. Not a bad early-April day here on the tundra, but add 70 mph wind chill for 35 miles and that's no day in the valley of the sun. Then I ate my own weight in pork chops.

Sunday had me following that golf game, which I can take or leave, but, doggone it, it looks so good in 1080i. If I had Bill Gates' money I wouldn't attempt to rub elbows with that cult at Augusta National, but I gotta admit their track is beautiful. Cheeseburgers'n'beans to chase.

As a bonus, Liverpool continued in their fine form by dispatching Bolton uneventfully, and the Wild, now mathematically eliminated, put the whoop on the Divelance at The Can. Even though it's too late, we've been good in the past 8 tilts; splitting with Vancouver away, beat Edmonton twice, lost to Detroit and Calgary, and spanking the Avs tonight.

What else . . . the summer shoes are on the GTI, I got the dog hair out of the casters on my Shop Vac (don't ask), the grill really needs a bath and someone needs to put a dart in that candyass Robben and that creepy Chelsea side.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to the serious. Tune in to find out.

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