20 April 2006

More Insurgent Attacks

Rambix knows context:

The Minneapolis Warehouse District was the site of another skirmish last night, despite increased military police presence. Armed insurgents engaged in a fierce battle on Hennepin Ave., between 3rd St. and Washington Ave. In an uncharacteristically timely report, the Red Star's website has the story: "Gunfire erupts in Minneapolis as cars roll down street".

Minneapolis' warehouse district turned violent early this morning when people in two vehicles began exchanging gunfire.Authorities have yet to figure out why the shots rang out as the two cars rolled along Hennepin Av. between 3rd and Washington streets. The shooting occurred just after 2 a.m. bar closing time.

Several combatants were evacuated to field hospitals. Standby for further dispatches from the front as events warrant.

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