24 April 2006

Day 2; The Full Bug

So since today is the first day of the big show, what does a company man do? Head for the mountains of course.

John Z and I picked up some pretty pretty good bikes and headed southwest. We got a good tip for a set of trails from the bike shop, found the trail head on the first pass and joined a guy from Gainesville who was in Las Vegas while the Mrs. was on business.

Scrubby brush and dirt/gravel/rock trail. Rocks sticking out to challenge inner tubes and the usual sandy-rocky in the washes. We rode about an 8-10 mile loop which rose and descended about 1800 feet. Highest elevation was about 4,700 feet; just a hint of thin air.

Good weather, definitely dry. The grade was moderate uphill and some "technical" downhill (love the disc brakes). The wildlife featured little green lizards, some variety of squirrel/gopher thing, and a real noisy quail or partridge or Corninsh game hen or something. None of them seemed predatorail, but we kept to the trail as to not get perforated by the flora.

The sore shoulders indicate a day well spent.

On the way back to town, we were overflown by Air Force One, which, regardless of it's passenger complement, really looks cool in the bright sunshine. Afterwards - plate lunch, a shower and 2 hours at the show. Then spendy meat with a pal.

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