08 March 2006

You Get What You Vote For

Are Minnesotans going to buy this?
After co-host Mark Yost noted that Governor Pawlenty made a trip to work for more H-1B temporary work visas, Lourey said: “We need more high-tech worker visas, but we also need more essential employee visas. If you care about the meat packing industry, and the canning industry, and the roofing industry, we need more of those visas as well. But, we have to be careful, because if Governor Pawlenty is putting this State into a state of bigotry, those folks with the H-1B’s won’t want to come here.” Host Patrick Campion asked her point blank to defend that statement. She couldn’t do it, backsliding into “immigrants built this State” rhetoric, refusing to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. Campion then asked this: “Do you think the State of Minnesota be safer or less safe if there were no illegal immigrants in the State of Minnesota?” She said less safe if police officers had to do immigration work, because immigrants wouldn’t cooperate with police. And besides, “Illegal
immigrants don’t commit crimes.”
Here's a link to the podcast. Listen to this twerp for yourself.

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