20 March 2006

Minneapolis' Spiral into Hell Continues

Newly-elected city council member Ralph Remington hopes the shooting is an anomaly that won't be repeated."It will be stopped," he says. "But people should feel free to still go along with their lives, come to the area. We're gonna be on top of it. We'll make sure people are safe."

Thanks for the words of reassurance, Ralph; I already feel a lot safer. Thankfully the police department isn't releasing any description of the suspects, 'cuz, you know, we don't want any more trouble in "the community".

Let's check the scoreboard for lovely Minneapolis - revolving doors on the office of police chief and school superintendent, a Fire chief who's accused of harassing and abusing firefighters (and their spouses). Three city council members indicted and convicted in five years. Property taxes are scraping the sky.

Then there's the hard-to-find mayor who's not only too stupid to drive his own hybrid, but thinks any crime victim in the city limits had it coming because they were conducting their own lives in dangerous ways. Oh, but his socks rarely match, which makes him colorful, so I guess he gets a pass on the whole crime thing.

Minneapolis - it's going places!

UPDATE: Michael Zebuhr died this morning. Still nothing from ChuckleHead the Boy Mayor. I guess he's too busy reweaving society or some bullshit like that.

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