07 March 2006

Roger Ebert Gets it Right

Please stop the weeping and wailing:

The nature of the attacks on "Crash" by the supporters of "Brokeback Mountain" seem to proceed from the other position: "Brokeback" is better not only because of its artistry but because of its subject matter, and those who disagree hate homosexuals. Its supporters could vote for it in good conscience, vote for it and feel they had made a progressive move, vote for it and not feel that there was any stain on their liberal credentials for shunning what "Crash" had to offer.
There are plenty of people who bemoan the (mostly-imagined) condition that those who criticize the war in Iraq are somehow unpatriotic and are painted so publicly by the Bush Administration. No doubt this mindset exists in no shortage in the movie business. Wouldn't it be funny to be in the room when the Brokeback Crybabies realize they are doing exactly what they accuse the president of doing to them.

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