02 March 2006

Amen My Brother

In today's Minneapolis fishwrap:

I find it interesting that the Star Tribune never ceases to find ways to spend taxpayers' money. Tuesday's editorial contended that students are now forced to borrow too much to pay for their tuition. It further contended that Minnesota should adjust its state grant program (spend more tax dollars) to reduce the burden of college costs.

Few people would argue that college costs aren't skyrocketing or that a college education is increasingly important. What I found appallingly absent from the editorial was any concern over the causes of increasing tuition costs.

Where is the outrage over tuition increases that continue to gouge the students? There was no demand for an investigation similar to that of the oil industry.

Tuition increases well above inflation are not a trend but a 30-year fact -- regardless of economic trends or government funding.

Rather than asking for more tax dollars, can we try asking our colleges to be more fiscally responsible?


We need to be looking at a windfall profits tax for colleges and universities.

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