14 March 2006

Greyhound with Wings

Mitch Berg has height issue that don't apply to me, but his bottom line about the local bankrupt airline is the same as mine.
I'm 6'5. Middle seats at most airlines are cramped for most people; for me, they make flying a wretched misery. Northwest gives me yet another reason to teleconference or drive: If you don't want to get stuck in the middle seat on a Northwest Airlines flight, starting today you'll be able to pay an extra $15 to get a spot on the aisle. Let's see - wretched service, no pretzels, no pillows, surly strikeprone staff, and making you pay to not feel like you're in the black hole of Calcutta. Why would one take Northwest, again?
Indeed. What's next, NWA? Charging extra for on-time perfomance? Ticket surcharge to pay for more air in the tires when it's colder outside? Make an entire row share one can of Pepsi?

Sometimes I wish NWA would implode we could get some competition at the gates in MSP (85-90% controlled by NWA), but the dopes who ran this baby into the ground are walking away fat whichever way the airline goes, so it's hard to root for the demise of working folk.

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