23 March 2006

Axe Grinding

Danny has a bee in his bonnet and therefore does not like the new GL:

I propose needs testing for the purchase of such a vehicle. You must have a Chris-Craft and three or more school-age children in the yard to qualify. Your vehicle must do double-duty as, um, a bookmobile.Need has very little to do with it. This segment is about want, naked and unquenchable, I-got-mine-you-get-bent appetite. It's well established that the vast majority of these vehicles never touch gravel, never carry more than a couple of people, and never tow anything heavier than the weight of their owner's childhood traumas.Most people who buy the GL won't know a Class IV hitch from a Mark 48 torpedo. And I, for one, am not going to congratulate some Bel-Air singleton for his wise vehicle purchase when it is so patently purblind and morally retrograde.
It's quite the tirade of pent-up issues for Danny. Hey, Mr. Poopy Pants, thanks for the witty prose, but don't fear; there are plenty of cheap, small and stingy cars out there already. We'll see if the Benz in a flop by its performance in the marketplace.

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