31 March 2006

Rapid Fire Stuff

ITEM 1 - Borders; the cowardly bookseller:

Your company's craven policy of capitulation in the face of the mere hypothetical threat of terrorism is absolutely appalling -- a complete moral abdication that only encourages those threatening our rights and liberties.
DISCLOSURE: This has nothing to do with the fact that Mrs. Octane gets a paycheck from Barnes & Noble.

ITEM 2 - Photos like these are not going to make Mr. and Mrs. United States any more sympathetic to illegal immigrants.

And this site is put up by the proponents of this movement.

ITEM 3 - Stephen Green knows from fascists.
We've seen what American bookstores and publications and universities do when confronted with real fascists: they knuckle under. You might not be able to find those Danish cartoons anyplace respectable, but you'll sure find lots of anti-Bush stuff.

ITEM 4 - That spring in your step comes from the people you elected taking all the money out of you pocket.

Pork is criticized by taxpayer advocacy groups for precisely the reason it's beloved by politicians: handing federal dollars to politically favored recipients. Rather than an executive branch agency offering grants after an open solicitation for proposals, legislators who have wrangled appointments to the Senate and House appropriations committees are able to earmark money for their home states. It also reduces competition by favoring incumbents over challengers.

Thanks to the omnipresent Instapundit for the tips.

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