15 March 2006

Josef Stalin, Call Your Office

Big Academia, where free exchange, free expression and free thought go to die.
The board of the Illini Media Company has decided to terminate you from the position of editor in chief of The Daily Illini, effective immediately.
Some background here, but not much depth; CNN ya know. It also fails to note the trend by politically-correct devout administrations to crush intellectual dissent on American college campuses. The irony here is so massive it blocks out the sun.


flamer said...

Good observation on the irony.

However, they fired him for not observing policy, not for free-speech crushing issues like we are led to believe.

Contrary to company policy, he did not make the paper aware of his intent to publish "possibly inflamatory" material.
It was for this reason he was dismissed.

Nowhere can I find anyone saying the paper had a problem with the publishing of the images themselves outright.

Take a look at what happened in Alexandria last week and you'll see a more pressing example of the crushing of dissent!

OctaneBoy said...

The University would never admit publicly that it had a problem with the cartoons. That would show their hand. Free speech in academia is a one-way street. Ask Lawrence Summers.

I would love to go through the last 5 years of the paper to see what types of "possibly inflammatory" stuff had been published (Andres Serrano?), and what hoops an editor had to jump through, or what hat-in-hand permissions were needed in order to placate the almighty administration.

flamer said...

Like those images of hotdog sculptures? Those were pretty offensive...