11 March 2006

Terrible Paraphrasing

Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion died today at 75. Playing for Montreal from 1950-1964 along with Maurice Richard and Jean Beliveau, he helped the Candiens own the league in that era. He's often credited with inventing the slap shot.

The news of Geoffrion's death prompted Glen Sonmor to call Saturday Sports Talk this morning and tell some old time hockey stories, including a great one about when Maurice Richard began choosing the three stars of the game after he was done playing. The Rocket was quite the homer, and here's me trying to paraphrase how Sonmor recounted Richard's selection method:

"De nummer one star, tunnite, Beliveau; he get two assist, work hard in corner, good on da pass. Nummer two star, my broder Henri, got no point, but he up an down da ice, cover wing, strong on board. Nummer tree star, Gordie Howe, he don get dos four goals, we might had chance tunnite."

Rest in peace Boom Boom.

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