01 November 2005

History Always Trumps the Future

Mark Steyn has some thoughts on that 800-lb. Chinese gorilla across the room.
Since China introduced its “one child” policy in 1978, the imbalance between the sexes has increased to the point where there are 119 boys for every 100 girls. The pioneer generation of that 20% male surplus is reaching manhood now. Unless China’s planning on becoming the first gay superpower since Sparta, what’s going to happen to those young men? As a general rule, large numbers of excitable lads who can’t get any action are useful for manning the nuttier outposts of the jihad but not for much else.
I also love that he reminds us of Paul Martin's geography gaffe:
Hey, how about that Bush? He’s so dumb he can’t even find on a map the 21st-century behemoth destined to consign him and the other Texas morons to the trash-can of history! In fact, it was the Prime Minister of Canada who last year stood up in public and declared that China was the most important nation in the southern hemisphere. If Dubya had said that, that guy who does those lame paperback collections of “Bushisms” could have retired to the Bahamas.

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